Webit Capital
Partners Fund

We are a multi-stage venture capital fund investing
in the top global startups to catalyze exponential positive change
while delivering ESG impact to create a brighter future.

We primarily invest a sub-set of the winners of the Founders Games global growth stage competition which attracts the very best scale-ups across the globe. We select start-ups to invest in based on a number of criteria including their financial potential and current performance, their impact, and the exponential nature of their innovation. We collaborate closely with our portfolio companies to help them de-risk their business while optimizing their value to generate maximum alpha returns for all stakeholders including our LPs.

The fund works in partnership with WIN
& Webit Foundation’s Founders Games

Fund Thesis

Thematic Research Driven Industry Focus

Investing in proven, high growth, revenue generating, technology-enabled businesses
in Europe (EU27) & the rest of the world to generate low-risk,
alpha financial returns and exponential ESG impact.

Future of

  • Energy
  • Planet & Climate Tech
  • Smart Cities
  • Mobility
  • New Materials
  • Food & AgTech

Future of

  • Web3
  • SaaS
  • FinTech, Defi
  • Big/Small Data
  • Defence
  • Space
  • Logistics
  • Ecommerce

Future of

  • Synthetic Biology
  • BioTech
  • Therapeutics
  • Digital Health
  • Wellness
  • Longevity

Future of

  • Digital Media
  • Neo Content
  • AI Companions
  • MarTech / AdTech
  • Fashion

Future of

  • Robotics
  • AI, ML
  • EdTech
  • Metaverse
  • Collaboration
  • Brain Machine Interfaces
  • Enterprise
  • Voice, Haptics
  • Ambient AI Computing


Webit Capital Partners benefits from a unique, proprietary, diversified (multiple geos and industries),
curated and de-risked deal flow with an exclusive first right of refusal to invest
in the Founders Games winners and portfolio of Webit Investment Network.

More about our evaluation process

Investment from Webit Capital Partners

Webit Capital Partners evaluates the winning companies
from the Founders Games and invest in the top 4 out of 10 yearly finalists.

Our investment decision is highly derisked as we leverage the collective intelligence and due diligence of over 250 top VCs that participate as judges in the Founders Games. The winning companies are further diligenced by our partner, Webit Investment Network (WIN).

Webit Capital Partners has access to and utilizes all of the prior analysis and due diligence done on the Founders Games winners. We conduct our own thorough due diligence process and evaluation of the top 10 Founders Games startups. Ultimately, WebIt Capital Partners invests in up to 4 out of the 10 winning startups.


Following our investment, Webit Capital Partners collaborates closely with our portfolio companies to ensure they have the support, resources and leverage of the WebIt ecosystem to accelerate and grow their business and eliminate risks. We’re focused on value creation and realization for our portfolio companies and in turn for all stakeholders including our LPs.


If you are interested in getting funded by us,
you should apply to compete in Founders Games.

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Meet our team

Webit Capital Partners is comprised of a world class team of
GPs, principals, analysts, venture partners, investor relations, digital marketing & PR,
and business & corporate development.

We’re supported by our partners - WebIt Foundation, Founders Games, WebIt Investment Network - and our expansive global ecosystem of VCs, corporates, and top talent.

Our GPs are seasoned, alpha-generating investors and entrepreneurs who bring over 60 years of combined experience and rockstar track records to scale our portfolio and LP returns.

Open Positions

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Venture Partner

EU27, Rest of World | Remote

Investor Relations / Capital Formation

EU27 | Remote

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